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ETECO is an innovative company with a focus on technological solutions aimed to improve the electrical networks’ efficiency, by reducing the additional losses due to a low Power Quality.

The energy efficiency is intended as a strategic lever for reducing electricity consumption (economic profitability) and reducing CO2 emissions (environmental sustainability). Our team consists of professionals with many years of experience in energy management and has specific know-how in:

Energy services

Electromagnetic compatibility


Project Management

IPMVP Savings Measurement and Verification

Green Technology

Power Distribution Systems


Statistical Analysis

Power Quality​

Energy Auditing

Condition Based Maintenance & Monitoring (CBM)​

ISO 50001 monitoring

Marketing Management​

Business Administration

Internal Research & Development is intended as a strategic lever for continuous improvement and the development of cutting-edge and Made in Italy technological solutions


Improving the levels of business sustainability with safe and reliable solutions: with this idea, inspired by years of research, passion, study and surveys, ETECO was born.

ETECO offers Power Quality solutions, an asset of interest for companies that intend to reduce the energy waste and to obtain a rapid return of investment.

ETECO‘s approach is based on trust and certainty of results in terms of Power Quality improvement. Thanks to F3, ETECO provides solutions and tangible results that are translated in waste reduction and an optimized use of the economic and energetic resources.


Promoting a sustainable business management and helping to create value for the company: this is the only way to help entrepreneurs to reinvest their resources in business functions and activities that have a positive impact on the territory, the economy, society and the environment.

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